The Longevity Summit


December 7-8 | Buck Institute for Aging | Novato, CA


Welcome to The Longevity Summit’s second annual event! We gather the entire longevity ecosystem to tackle the aging problem: longevity entrepreneurs, existing pharma and biotech companies, investors, researchers, and government organizations. Developing aging interventions may represent the largest value creation journey in human history, and it’s going to require a coordinated industry.

The Longevity Summit creates a peer to peer learning environment focused on the business of longevity and the key areas of innovation needed to progress the longevity industry.


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This event is meant for those in a position to significantly impact the longevity industry, whether as an entrepreneur, life sciences executive, investor, researcher, influencer, or government representative and do not have a sales interest in our audience.

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See below for our 2021 speakers. The 2022 lineup will be announced over the summer. The Longevity Summit will feature 25+ speakers across two days.

Jamie Raskin

Congressman - U.S. House of Representatives

Celine Halioua

Founder & CEO - Loyal

Charles Brenner

Alfred E Mann Family Foundation Chair in Diabetes and Cancer Metabolism - City of Hope

Laura Deming

Founder and Managing Partner - The Longevity Fund

Antonio Tatarino

Chief Medical Officer - PepsiCo

Ashley Zehnder

CEO & Founder- Fauna Bio

Daniel Ives

Founder and CEO - Shift Bioscience

Nikolina Lauc

Co-Founder and CEO - GlycanAge

Ben Kamens

Founder & CEO - Spring Discovery

Evelyne Yehudit Bischof

Associate Professor, Longevity Physician, Internal Medicine Specialist - Human Longevity, Inc.

Nathan Cheng

Founder - Longevity List

Joao Pedro de Magalhaes

Chief Scientific Officer - Centaura

Liz Parrish

Founder and CEO - BioViva

Martin Borch Jensen

Co-Founder & CSO - Gordian Biotechnology

Bradley Schurman

Founder and CEO - The Super Age

Matt Kaeberlein

Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology - University of Washington

Hanadie Yousef

CEO and Co-Founder - Juvena Therapeutics

Andrew Brack

Co-founder and Head of Biology - Arrive

James Peyer

Founder & CEO - Cambrian Biopharma

Petr Šrámek

Managing Partner -

Jacob Kimmel

Principal Investigator - Calico Life Sciences

Michelle Keller

Senior Manager of Scientific Business Development - Deep Longevity

Sergey Jakimov

General Partner - LongeVC


Developing aging therapies requires both new science and new business models. The Longevity Summit will explore the key topics that leaders within the industry need to know in order to turn longevity research into prescribable medicine. Join us as we explore the following topics…

  • Drug Discovery
  • Regulatory Approval
  • Clocks, Biomarkers, & Age Measurement
  • Lab Technology
  • Data Collection
  • Longevity Clinical Trials
  • Funding Longevity Biotech
  • Replacement Strategies
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Gene Editing & CRISPR
  • The Roots Causes of Aging
  • Public Perception

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The Longevity Summit is a new forum for executives and innovators leading the longevity revolution.

Join us for our second year as we unite top longevity entrepreneurs, pharma and biotech companies, longevity investors, researchers, and government organizations from across the U.S. and abroad to establish The Longevity Summit as the go-to event for the global longevity industry. Together, let’s turn longevity into the future of healthcare.

The Longevity Summit is brought to you by Fora Group, the organizer behind many of North America’s fastest growing technology events. Established in 2018, Fora Group has since convened 10,000+ industry leaders from around the world with hundreds of unique sponsors & partners including globally renowned technology providers such as Microsoft, IBM, and AWS.